Leather fashion 2020

Leather fashion 2020

With fashion week behind us, here’s what we can do. We can most definitely pick out on trends from the runway that have fascinated audiences in the past and will continue to lure in 2020 and beyond. Besides the editorial fashion, some designs qualify as the functional fashion for us to wear. The fashion month of February brought in many happy couture treats for those who love experimenting. Right from shiny silhouettes to leather to tie and dye – every single fabric you can think of has made its way back into the fashion scene in 2020.

It’s that time of the year again when it is too hot to wear your woolens and knitwear but also tad bit cold to don those slit pants and denim shorts. There was a time when fabrics like leather were worn only during the fall and winter months but this year, we’re taking the big leap. Going by the trends, leather has become a major fashion item in 2020. Majorly loved in the shade black and brown, leather has gone and taken a trip to Hawaii where it got a fancy makeover. Yes, this year you will see all kinds of leather wear in the brightest and most vibrant shades with the funkiest of detailing. So those who cannot wait to indulge in some trendy shopping, here’s what ‘leather future’ holds for you in 2020.

Leather styles
Back in the day, Bollywood actors Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan popularized the ‘black leather jackets’ that still find a place in our wardrobes. We still go shopping for that perfect fit black leather jacket with funky lapels and zip details. Some five years ago you’d only find a single style of leather jackets in black or brown colors but today the leather market has exploded. Head to your favorite high-street label store, you’ll find leather dresses, skirts, tops, blouses, cropped pants, bralettes and even leather shorts. For men, leather shirts have become quite popular. Leather pants, belts, shoes and sun glass covers and even leather rims are some other options you have to choose from.

Leather in fashion colors
You cannot spend your summers wearing black and brown only. The fashion lords have accepted your wishes as the colorful leather fabric has made its way on to the runways. From New York to Milan to Paris Fashion Week, leather outfits in all the colors of the rainbow have impressed us. From dark green to white to nude, you’ll find innumerable outfits in these colors. If you’re a bright-color fan, then popping red, yellow, orange, lime green and pink should fascinate you beyond measure. The color variations in the leather fabric have surely opened gateways for the trend to take over spring and summer fashion around the world.

Metallic leather
Who said you have left all the glitter and shine for Christmas and New Year? The fashion forecast says that all your shiny dresses will have a moment in spring and summer which also means that your leather outfits will get a chance too. Invest in trendy but functional fashion items like a silver vinyl leather skirt that looks pretty much like genuine leather but is a tad bit glossier. Silver, gold, chrome, copper and even your regular rose gold are preferred choices of metallic colors when it comes to leather wear. Your favorite celebrities like the Kardashians and the Jenners are resorting to fashion accessories like silver leather belt bag and mules, then who are you stay behind?

Leather accessories
Earlier leather was considered a grown-up man’s armor but today that is not the case and leather is being used much more widely. The year 2020 will be the year to hoard on the possible leather accessories. The head-to-toe leather looks are making a comeback and you have to play catch up with the trend as you shop for leather shoes, bags, wallets, watches and hats etc. The spring season may be all about floral and mystical patterns but the edginess and structure provided with leather accessories have no replacements. Men can invest in good quality leather accessories like a colored wallet or watch strap or even a mobile cover made out of real leather. The key is to manifest certain leather accents around your look to create something in vogue.

Leather staples
Fashion gods would agree that a classic leather jacket made out of real leather never goes out of style. This year also the fashion forecasts urge you to stock the wardrobe essentials like a leather jacket, leather boots and a leather belt. If the leather jacket isn’t up your alley then a leather trench coat can also come in handy. These days designers are using the sturdiness of leather to create architectural pieces that qualify as wardrobe basics but with a modern twist. So, if you were planning to buy a black leather belt then you will most definitely find a distinguished element of interest in it.

Given the rise in demand for leather in the fashion world, you cannot ignore it in your wardrobe. Leather clothes are effortlessly cool and look uber chic throughout the year. Even the slightest bit of fashion-forward individuals will love dressing up in leather wear that suits their body type. Trust us – You will never have that ‘Ross Geller stuck in leather pants’ moment if you choose your style and fabric wisely. Till then happy shopping and styling with leather!

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